Echinacea, also called the coneflower, is a native American plant that was used religiously by the Native Americans for treating soar throats, toothaches, infections and snakebites. It is used as a stimulant for the immune system. Echinacea has a rich zingy flavor that tickles and tingles in the mouth. The plant grows about four feet high and has pinkish/purple daisy like flowers with an orange center. It is known to equalize the body temperature both raising subnormal temperatures and lowering elevated temperatures.

Echinacea is an antiseptic commonly used to reduce cold, flu, allergy, and infection symptoms. It is believed to be a natural solution to boost the immune system and fight viral disease. Stimulating the body's own blood cleansing system, Echinacea helps destroy bacterial and viral invaders in the blood by magnifying the white blood cell count. Echinacea is also known to relieve stress, help fight gingivitis, increase exercise performance and stimulate wound healing.


Immunity Booster
Fight immunity diseases - colds, flu, allergies
Blood Cleanser
Reduce gingivitis

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