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We are a family business located on Maui that offers natural potent herbs and herbal remedies. We distribute natural remedies made with biologically active herbs that transform the health of the body inside and out. Our herbs come from organic sources. We do our best to support local agriculture and healthy living by partnering with likeminded farmers and production specialists. We work with organic farmers in Hawaii, Oregon, Rhode Island and India. Our assortment of healing herbs stem from Ayurvedic and Hawaiian healing traditions.


How it Started

In 1998, after years of farming and working directly with organic farming practices, Mark Dunlap formed Maui Medicinal Herbs. The first packaged product was "Hawaiian Kava®" "Brew or Chew®." Maui Medicinal Herbs soon after added vegetarian capsules, being the first in Hawaii to offer Fresh freeze-dried noni fruit. 


Our line of products spans 22 different herbs and over 50 different products options. Our time is dedicated to sourcing and providing a wonderful, active and organic herbs used in Hawaiian, Ayurvedic and American healing traditions. Our ingredients are sourced with great care. We do our best to support local Hawaiian agriculture and always work with farmers who grow organically and with humane practices. Our herbal products are all non-gmo, gluten free, soy free, vegan and dairy-free. In addition to partnering and marketing for organic farmers we have our own source of herbal plants to harvest and share. Learn more about our ingredients click here.

Always ask a practitioner if you are curious about adding new medicated supplements and herbs into your diet. Above all, listen to your body. If something feels right or doesn't feel right it, your body will tell you. These signals are not to be taken lightly, your health is important. If looking to improve your overall well-being and immunity, most herbs show best results if used consistently for periods of time. Herbs are a life-style and require a commitment to your inner and outer health. Everything good and bad in moderation can lead to a wonderful, happy life.

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