Feverfew is a native European herb that was introduced to North America. It has a distinct look with its cute clusters of yellow and white daisy-like flowers. Its name, feverfew, derives from febrifuge, which translates to medicine that reduces fevers. Fewer fevers, well isn't that easy to remember. It gives off a strong lasting aroma that helps purify the air making it a great ornamental plant to add to your home garden. It keeps bees away and doubles as both a insect repellent and soothing ingredient for insect bites.

Feverfew is traditionally used for eliminating or diminishing migraines.  It is also known to help treat hysteria, nervousness and low spirits. Both the whole plant and flowers can be used to make a tea to relieve colds, indigestion and diarrhea and stimulate the stomach. Feverfew is also known to promote menstruation, helping regulate the female period.

We offer Feverfew in an herbal combination designed to boost your immunity and metabolism as well as offer pain relief. This Herbal combo - Noni Energized - blends strong anti-inflammatory herbs Noni, ginger, turmeric and feverfew to help you keep healthy and digest life properly.


Anodyne (Referring to painkilling medicine)

Feverfew is known to relieve migraines and stomach pain.

Nervine (Calms the nerves)

Feverfew is known to reduce symptoms of hysteria, nervousness and low spirits.

Carminative (Relieving gas pain)

Feverfew is known to stimulate the stomach and reduce symptoms of indigestion.  

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