Valerian, also known as ALL-HEAL (a name it adopted during medieval times) is one of the most investigated herbs and grows in more than 150 species worldwide! Noted for its roots, which give the herbal qualities for remedies. Valerian root soothes and quiets the nerves when the nervous system is in highly irritated conditions, high blood pressure and similar conditions.


Nervine (Calms the nerves)

In normal and moderate dosage Valerian is known to exert an influential quieting and soothing in its nature upon the brain and nervous system. Beneficial for those who suffer nervous overstrain as it contains none of the after effects produced by narcotics.

Carminative (Relieving gas pain)

Valerian is known to releive menstrual cramps, stop fermentation in gastrointestinal tract, and have a special calming action on female reproductive system.

Antispasmodic (Relieve spasm of involuntary muscle)

Found useful in certain kinds of epilepsy. Valerian is known to be grounding and helps dispel vertigo, fainting and hysteria. It is also known to help relieve stomach pain caused by stomach convulsions.

Sedative (Promoting calm or inducing sleep)

Known to have remarkable influence on the cerebro spinal system, used as a sedative to the higher nerve centres in conditions of nervous unrest.

Anodyne (Referring to painkilling medicine)

The herbs main function is to surpress and regulate the autonomic nervous system, making it useful for treating psychosomatic diseases and forms of restlessness and tension.

Stimulant (Raises levels of physiological or nervous activity in the body)

This herb is unique in its sedative qualities but simultaneous ability to increase concentration ability, improve coordination and energy levels.

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