3 Ways to balance your sacral chakra + Delicious Vegan Tumeric and Sour Sop smoothie recipe


7 Main Chakras

sacral Chakra


Emotional, Sensual, Creative, Authenticity

Your sacral (svadisthana) chakra is located at the low belly and is associated with emotions, taste and reproductive function. Its color is orange and its element is water. It is also associated with sensual and creative energy. A balanced root chakra allows you to experience intimacy, to love wholly, and to be honest with your authentic desires with yourself and others. An imbalanced over-active sacral chakra may cause emotional overreactions, attachment, muscle and abdominal cramps. An under-active sacral chakra may cause lack of creativity, depression or fear of happiness and irregular menstrual cycles.

Signs you may be imbalanced:

  • Excessive daydreaming
  • Lack of fulfillment and satisfaction
  • Indulging or addictive behaviors
  • Negative and destructive emotions
  • Neediness or codependency on others


3 simple ways to start balancing your Sacral Chakra:



Meditation can be very effective for clearing the chakras. Consider simply breathing into your root and imagining an orange spiral radiating from your low abdomin. It will grow and help lift any stagnant energy or prana that has been sinking you down. Lift mula bandha after the complete exhale and when you are about to inhale. Imagine the orange spiral expanding beyond your insides to the sea of orange lotus petals you are now floating in freely. Just a fun idea, you may also want to sail through oranges.


Lift those root bandhas! Bandha in yoga world means lock. By taking the action of locking your internal organs together they are able to function more freely after release. Its like a self internal massage. Focus on engaging mulha bandha and uddiyana bandha.

Asanas (Postures)

Open those hips! Start with some lunges and standing postures that get into the pelvic floor and move towards long holds in postures such as lizard, pigeon, firelog and cow face pose. Breathe slowly into your hips and stay there longer than you normally would like to pass through. Avoid any pain in your knees (your knees are the guru) but if there is pain in your hips...well thats alright, just deal with it and breathe in the asana. Let your breathe relax you. 

Warning: Hip openers are the ones that get into deep emotional holdings so if you find yourself tearing up in savasana or on your drive home...dont be hard on yourself, let it flow out. This is very important work you are doing for yourself here.


Turmeric, the orangest herb out there, is a brilliant anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant packed herb that boosts immunity and stimulates proper digestion.
Ginger is a heating ayurvedic herb that stimulates digestion and energizes the body.
This rejuvinating ayurvedic herb help relieve stress and increase mental, physical and sexual energy levels.
Saw Palmetto is an American herb used commonly for certain disorders of the prostate and reproductive organs. It also holds a general wellness effect that supports all bodily functions.


Being the water element, a liquid sweet soothing smoothie as a great idea for helping reach balance in the sacral chakra. 



Makes one large portion:

So carrots in a smoothie with yogurt, pineapple, mint, and pepper may sound crazy to you, or it may sound genius. I got the idea from a favorite ice cream I had at a fresh ice creamery in Delhi, India...carrot ice cream. I chose the carrot icea cream because I love trying new things and I'm not a fan of overly sweet sweets, so I thought it would be perfect. And it was.

So here is a little successful smoothie recipe I made with a soothing and fun fusion of flavours. Give it a go and erase a few flavours if it is too much for you. For me, this loose recipe of foods and spices, was a wonderful experience:


3 Carrots
1 large Papaya
1 piece ginger
2 small frozen apple bananas
2 spoon scoops yogurt
1/3 cup coconut meat
¼ cup almond milk
6-10 mint leaves
1 teaspoon turmeric
dash of black pepper
dash of cumin
dash of vanilla
small piece of ginger 
(No secret besides try to be with your food...not where you need to be next or what someone said earlier that day...complete and whole just be with the food)
Put in bowl, add some fun toppings like hemp seeds, coconut chunks or gluten free granola and enjoy each bite.
(Once again be with your food...feel it in your mouth, smell it, listen to it, follow it down your throat and into your belly. Eat slowly, breathe and smile.

smoothie_recipe_1delicious_vegan_smoothie recipecaroot_ginger_sour sop

Enjoy, share, let us know what you think.

Mahalo, aloha, and lots of love,

Miss Bristol